Premium Storage Packages

Detailing & Vehicle Grooming

As part of our ultimate storage service Off the Street Storage has formed partnerships with some of Brisbane’s best vehicle detailers, guaranteed to put the shine back in to your car, caravan, boat or vehicle.

We have a range of services that can be carried out all while your assets are stored securely and have them looking in first class condition for collection.

Battery Management

With any long term storage it is critical to maintain good battery health and battery functionality. Without the benefit of solar charging in an internal storage environment this is an element that is often overlooked.

At Off the Street Storage we have the option of providing Power Packs for trickle charging your batteries and maintaining good battery health. Please ask you storage consultant about adding one to your storage contract today.

Monthly Maintenance & Servicing Package

With long term storage of any vehicle it is highly recommended to continue regular maintenance and turn the engine over regularly.

Off the Street Storage has partnered with one of Brisbane’s most respected mechanical contractors to provide regular maintenance and servicing packages. As part of the package the engine will be run for at least 30 minutes to allow the engine to reach operating temperature and to circulate oils & fluids.

Also included is:

  • Brake & fluid condition test
  • Tyre pressure maintenance
  • Coolant condition & level check
  • Lights wipers, battery & electrical check

For long term storage it is also important to service the vehicle regularly with oils, coolants and fluids changed and fuel levels monitored.

Engine turnover – Boats & Vehicles

Leaving an engine idle for long periods of time will inevitably lead to problems. Our engine turnover service is a very popular solution to keep your engine in prime condition and ready to go when you get the opportunity to run it yourself.

It is recommended a vehicle be run for at least 30 minutes to allow the engine to reach operating temperature and to circulate oils and fluids.

Off the Street Storage can add this service to your storage as part of your monthly storage costs.

Post trip boat wash down & engine flush service

After a big day on the water washing and flushing the boat can be one the last things you want to do. Off the Street Storage provide a unique cleaning and flushing service for our boat storage clients upon request.

Let our team clean your boat from top to tail with freshwater and the engine flushed to preserve its running life and allow you to get home quicker to get all those fish on the BBQ!

Pre or Post Trip Wash & clean

Getting away for camping or for a long drive can be just what the doctor ordered. But getting out in the great outdoors can also mean bringing home some of mother nature with you. To save you time and hassle we offer our pre or post trip wash down service to get your vehicle in sparkling condition before storing away or before you hit the road.

Pre-trip caravan preparation

We know the hassles that go with getting your van ready for the big trip away. Chilling the fridge, checking the tyres, filling the gas bottles, charging the batteries, cleaning down inside and out. Sometimes time is of the essence to allow you to hit the road straight away and enjoy more of your time off on holiday than getting ready for one.

As caravan owners and hirers ourselves we know what it takes to get a van ready for travel and with 48 hours notice we can get your van ready to roll with no worries.

Caravan & trailer servicing

Off the Street Storage has partnered with some of Brisbane’s best Trailer and Caravan servicing businesses. We can arrange with our partners companies for your van or trailer to have regular servicing, or add modifications and upgrades. With mobile services available often the repairs or mods can be performed on site at our facility, again saving you time and money!

Contact one of our friendly team to discuss what you need and we can put you in touch with some of the best in the business.