Boat Storage

With Moreton Bay at our doorstep is it any wonder that Brisbane locals love their boats, fishing and just hitting the water and exploring our bays and beaches.

As Boat Owners ourselves we understand that special connection you have with your boat and the need to keep them stored securely and maintained in tip top condition.

Off the Street Storage offer a number of storage options including internal storage for those wanting to keep their Boat in the best possible condition. We also have a number of different external storage options for the more budget conscious.

With wash down facilities on site you can head straight from the boat ramp back to your storage bay without the hassle of trying to find a tap along the way.

For the ultimate time saver we also have our Boat Flush and Hull Wash service! … Click Here  >> for more information

Simply drop your boat at the storage yard at the end of the day and leave the hard part to us.

We will flush your motor with fresh water, wash down your hull and chamois dry before storing your boat away.

We also have a number of Boat Maintenance solutions to keep your boat in the best condition including:

  • Boat detailing and grooming service … Click Here >> for more information
  • Monthly start up for long term storage … Click Here >> for more information

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